GifMotion Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for GifMotion.

This privacy statement describes how David Galindo collects and uses the personal information you provide. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.

Location Services
We request access and collect your location information, just to provide you better ads.

Collection and Use
We don’t collect any kind of following personal information from you

Sharing Your Information
We will NOT share your information with any third parties in any way

GifMotion a new application for Windows 10 family

Hello everybody,

It’s a pleasure to inform you, that GifMotion has been published into App Store.

GifMotion is a new application for Windows 10 family devices.

download from App Store

Gifmotion allow you to create simple GIF from static pictures, and later share with your friends.
This is Beta version, with some limitations, and more functionalities are coming in near future.

At this moment GIF are not fully supported by Windows 10, for example it cannot be shared by email.

wallet lite goes to universal

Finally Wallet lite goes to Universal Application check it out here

Also Desktop version for windows 10!

Wallet Full is now a universal application !

Finally Wallet full (still working on lite version) go to Universal Application check it out here

Also Desktop version for windows 10!

Fix problems with last version of Wallet 3.0.0.x


Wallet was using an internal data base that it’s not going to be supported by Windows phone 8.1 and Windows phone 10, then it must be migrated.

if you install last version of wallet version 3.0.0.x and you get a error saying that you have an invalid format of wallet data, it means that you need to migrate data manually. Notice that this migration is performed automatically changing password with previous version of wallet 2.x.

1.- If you don’t have any backup, please perform an emergency backup. This option is enabled on login screen when the problem is detected.

If you have a file with .sdf extension in your OneDrive, then it means that you have a not migrated version of wallet data. Then you need to migrate.

In order to migrate your data, please follow next steps:
1.- install Wallet lite from here
2.- Start Wallet lite application, setting a new password (for exemple 1111)
3.- Go to Settings screen and perform a restore from backup
4.- wait until restore has been finished, if everything goes well, wallet will start again and it will ask you for your old password.
5.- Once inside wallet lite with old password, check that all your data is there
6.- go to Settings and change the password (you can put the same). This is necessary in order to migrate your data to new format.
7.- Once change password has been finished, enter your password again and go to Settings screen and perform a backup
8.- When backup finished, go to OneDrive account and check that in wallet folder you have a file with .db extension.
9.- if everything it’s ok, now you can reinstall wallet full (remove and install) and perform a restore of your data (please wait until version that I will be available during today).

Please when performing restore and backup, plugin into power and using wifi network, and always wait until it finished to avoid problems..

Wallet for Nokia N9 (meego)


I suppose you know that Microsoft has bought Nokia (at least mobile division).

Microsoft has been close all service related to all nokia platforms …

and maybe you need to reinstall wallet into your “old” Nokia N9 …

here you have a link to this version if you need ….

zip file

Wallet family for #wp81 has been update

Working on new version of Wallet for #windows10 … this is a maintenance version of previous #wp81 version.

This version will ask you to migrate database awaiting future version.

Check it Here

Also some bugs has been fixed:
* lost of template information during change password
* fixed change language
* some translation improvements
* new support email