Wallet Free beta version for android


Just upload a beta version of Wallet Free for android into market place.

Lot of things has to be done, but main functionalities are there.
1.- Add/update/delete new cards with image.
2.- Browse by group or type.
3.- Modify card fields
4.- Import xml fully compatible with Maemo N900 and Meego N9 version. You only need to copy wallet_export.xml file into sd root, then click import xml.

Happy Christmas

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Alpha version of Wallet for Mac osX

Hello, after some request I decided to publish wallet version for mac osx. It is an alpha version, but it supports almost all functionalities.
This version doesn’t syncronize wallet information between mobile and desktop version, but you can export from one source and import to the other.

Remember that wallet is a open source application and in order to continue development DONATIONS are welcome.

wallet zip file for mac

Note: To make it work, maybe you need to install qt libraries into your mac. qt