Keep the Rhythm

Keep The Rhythm is not just another sport tracker.

Keep The Rhythm allow you to select what music you want to listen,
add voice advices for several actions based on time or distance.
Keep The Rhythm allow you to easily change your music by clicking on screen.
Share your sports activities and music with others (it requires skydrive account).

But, Keep The Rhythm also tracks your sports activities.

Notice that this is a beta version, and not all functionalities work perfectly! We need your feedback.

Steps to make it work:
0.- First of all, you have to define several music lists on your computer. Define several list: one that allow you to keep your rhythm, another with music to relax, one that make you increase your pace, …. These lists must be visible for Zune software. Then synchronise your computer and your mobile, to make all these lists available into your mobile. Then go to settings screen and configure your music lists.
1.- If you want voice advice, first you need to save them. Please go to settings page and click on voice advice you want to record. Click on record button to start, and then stop button to save.
2.- Click plus button on main screen in order to start a new workout. Enable or disable all you want, and then click ok to start. It will appear a new screen. If you selected GPS, it will show you current location, wait until GPS accuracy is smaller, then click on screen to start to run!
3.- While running click on screen to pause, flip to top to change to next song, …
4.- On main screen, click on history menu option to see all your sessions.
5.- Here you have a sample when you share your workouts.