Wallet family for #wp81 has been update

Working on new version of Wallet for #windows10 … this is a maintenance version of previous #wp81 version.

This version will ask you to migrate database awaiting future version.

Check it Here

Also some bugs has been fixed:
* lost of template information during change password
* fixed change language
* some translation improvements
* new support email

Keep the Rhythm updated for #wp8


Keep The Rhythm is not just another sport tracker.

Keep The Rhythm allow you to select what music you want to listen. During sport activity some voice advices inform you about your progress.
Keep The Rhythm allow you to easily change your music by clicking on screen.
Share your sports activities and music with others (it requires skydrive account).

Main Functionalities:
* Track sport activities: run, walking and cycling mode.
* Automatic rhythm detection
* Activity summary page with map and graphics
* Night & day mode
* Voice advice
* Summary screen
* Share activities with your friends
* Backup and Restore results
* On screen gestures
* Arm-wearing mode
* Share option with NFC
* Listen FM Radio while running
* Lap tracks
* Compass on maps
* be able to change map view
* Export to Kml files
* Import routes from KML and GPX files


My City is #BCN

My City is #BCN, is an application that show information about Barcelona City.
This is public information is provided by http://opendata.bcn.cat/opendata/en

Data available is public transport, public car parkings, taxi ranks and bicing station.


“Los chinos” – spoof game

From Wiki …

Spoof is a strategy game, typically played as a gambling game, often in bars and pubs where the loser buys the other participants a round of drinks. The exact origin of the game is unknown, but one scholarly paper addressed it, and more general n-coin games, in 1959.It is an example of a zero-sum game. The version with three coins is sometimes known under the name Three Coin.

Try it!