Wallet Beta for Android


Just upload a beta version of Wallet for android into market place.

Differences from free version:
1.- No advertisements
2.- Be able to add new types (templates)
3.- New field types: separator and image

You can migrate your data from free version by using export functionality (in free version) and importing paid version.

Happy new year

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2 thoughts on “Wallet Beta for Android

  1. I enjoyed using Wallet on Nokia N900 but want to migrate to Galaxy Tab P1000, how to do this without danger of loosing everything? I’m not a techie, your answer will be greatly appreciated to continue using your fantastic program.

    If I click on export it shows:
    “Save File”
    Location: user
    Type: tekstbestanden (Dutch=>text files)

    Does this mean it is on my memory card or can I transfer this file to my PC?

    Hope you are able to reply me soon with assistance.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hello, thank’s for using wallet.

      If I understood, you want to migrate from N900 to Galaxy. Then I recommend you to export as xml file. But you should choose another folder not user directly. Try to store in “Nokia N900” folder.

      Then when you connect your N900 to a PC, you should be able to see wallet_export.xml (I’m not sure if inside a folder of directly in the root)

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